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Related article: Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009 November 03. 33 -0700 From: ray6645 yahoo. com Subject: Brother took me over 13 The lunch was very Artistic Lolitas Toplist fast, wanted to be as great in these high set schoolboy appeared. All I have a jar of peanut butter smeared in the queue. This was new. They peanut butter smears n their tails, and then had to lick them for lunch or ot snack every time you wanted me to do that. In addition, peanuts butter spread on other parts of your body, there is still time. We had just finished lunch when the doorbell rang again. I was told that the door and leave. I was still naked and hard as nails. That was bad enough for me to answer the bell, but naked yna open the door until the end, so that not only the person at the door me, but if someone walks by, I to see. It is not something that I 'm s to see. There were two high school boys, and stood there and looked around. invitedthey come, and finally stopped drooling and entered her were dressed in blue, Speedo, probably bought two years ago, little very tight, and show what was under them, and a tight shirt. Mike and Chris welcomed him and asked what he wanted. the blonde Young said his name was Gary, and his friend David. It was said that had learned that we have things for kids. Chris corrected him and said, that ( pointing ) has everything you want it to. However, the n Of course, there is a cost to everything he does. Gary said he wanted to do everything possible. He said he had, and David was jacked up, but not each other. They wanted to see what it felt like another type of connector on it, and wanted to fuck and see, to feel that way. Chris said that in the right place. Ray will make all the to you, and more. As you progress, you can get other things You want him to do. This is a prList of ice, and you can choose or all. The boy was reading the list, pointing out things that each s others who would like to do. "Wow, I think he really licked his ass us? " " Yes, there is no place in this list, and if you want to do that is not listed, please let us know and he will. But you can not leave any Marcos, and blood. " " Well, that certainly is still very little that is not for us. How do we get n begin? " " Just say what you want from him, I would suggest Artistic Lolitas Toplist that it has pulls you, you are much more convenient. And he will make sure that have a good erection and solid before " n " get going. hell, we both have strong erections just from reading this list. Where s you get with all these things? never have heard of some these things. One of the things that you do not see is "playing with her ​​boobs ' is that fair? " " We have most of the ideas of our customers, as demanded things, has been added to the list. And yes, it is fAir for you to play her Artistic Lolitas Toplist boobs, we not only responsible, because we think he likes it, so that do not know what I really liked his disposal. We (not Artistic Lolitas Toplist to mention I did not want to by the ratio of division, however. ) Cleavage him money, and what is not easy for Mike n I "We start with he licks with us. Cocks and nuts after we catch and shoot our stuff to the extreme, "said David and told him. S that beat me, because his father did, and wanted to see if was not as funny as he felt his father had beaten. I have the work of the new customers get naked and ready for n delights. I was very generous with my hands because I did not want a repeat of the n is the beating. Just when it was over, get naked, David asked why my ass s was so red. Mike told me to tell them what happened and why my ass was Red case. I told them I would be very difficult, lost, and you should not use in my hands while sucking my brother and friend. They both laughed, , andslapped me back. Still stung. I was not looking us in the beating of David. He looked like his arms have developed very good. I started with Gary, moved slowly to his shirt, and found that the mines were quite busy with curly hair. His chest was, however, smooth as glass. When I pulled the shirt, I made sure my hands ran for its mines to tickle a bit. And because the shirt was in my shed hand, I let them both run at the chest and hit his big boy boobs. that s were approximately the same size as mine, and he staggered when he touched her breasts. The Speedos were as follows. I was not sure how I wanted to leave it, as , it appeared that two or three sizes too small. Finally, only hooked his fingers in the waist and opened it. It was fun Remove the legs. There was only a bit of dark hair on them. It him naked in the past. And the good thing is that his penis was in attention, and pointed outward. soI knew that I agreed with him y hot, as some pre -cum hung from the tip of the tail. David was almost a full replay of the increasingly naked. He's really liked it when I ran my hands through their wells, and told me to do that over again. Mike told me that if you lick the graves, it would be good, because it seemed as my fingers through his hairy hole. So I got to lick my tongue coated wells of David, first left, then right. When I did, I was playing with her ​​nipples. They were quite soft when I started to , but it was very hard after a few minutes. I enjoyed licking n their wells, one thing that I enjoyed as you like my hands are free for n feel the kids. After playing around with his chest, pulled out a hand down his hard cock in the ass and the other on the cheek. David pushed my head down so that I knelt before him. I knew what he wanted and started licking his cock and taste his sweat balls. Both were good. had bilateralg nuts, and I was able to get two of them in the mouth, not hurt. He said, that I did was really good, and the celebration are. But as n ot only a scourge to use two hands, my hands went to work. an n was playing with her ​​ass, the work of his hole, and was the other busy running up and down the legs gently. "I do not shoot at the moment, to stop sucking and get ready to fuck. " I have a little Vaseline and lubricated and cock, then reached around n , we have a lot of my ass. He was not a big dick, but large enough that I wanted a lot of lube there. I asked him how he was me on the floor in the back or knees with her ass in the air. that art thought for a moment and then said that my face, as he wanted to see a cock entered my ass. He said he never thought of it, only I said to myself that I'm on my knees was the only way to do it, but my face just is also fun. So I have to tfloor and legs that stopped to let my hole was noted right to it. David got on his knees and slid forward to the point his cock into my hole. Little by little, Artistic Lolitas Toplist came forward and began to sink his cock within me. It hurt like hell. He had made no preparation for my hole the tail, and as a result, my little hole is quite a stretch of bits, so my body rebelled, and a lot of pain. I s showed his face and he laughed at my pain. I did not want to go slowly, that s only pushed to the bottom of my ass and responded quickly, sending the message of great pain to my brain, my face, and then register the pain. David laughed again. "Do you like my tail to the rear wheel is not it? " I nodded, and was able to kind of work up a smile. "Well, seem like torture, right? " I told him to do what s I wanted, and go for it. The kind of took it as a challenge, and s down, came and grabbed me nuts. "You are not mOving to much, and would be more fun when you shaking a little, I will help you get the wobble. "N I had a good grip on my nuts, and suddenly broke into the left and then right. And, of course, I followed my body all his moves to try to avoid pain, but did not work. my mother was a shout very stopped by releasing this under control. suddenly and began to pump faster and shot his load in my ass cavity. must be fired a gallon, like it for a minute longer in the entire shoot load. After filming finished, he broke even on my chest. and I was passing a few kilos, so that almost knocked out encouragement from me. that regained his strength, and left me. and said it was Gary n am now, while he was a little rested. Gary smiled at me and said he wanted being kidnapped by the fire, and load on her face. I started taking his cock, and with the other hand, play with his balls. While hi catm, began to have fun with my tits. He had to use them, and a pinch of it and almost make it bleed. his nails dug into them and really hurt, but I did not say anything s, but tear a little pain. After only a few minutes, n shot his load, and judged on my face, as he had directed the n , we have begun. He laughed and pointed at her face splattered with sperm. N "Wish he I have a camera that would make a great shot. " At this time, David was back and said he wanted a blowjob, and then he was doing the beating as day was always short, and had to home. So they knelt before him and began to suck. It s moved out of my mouth, and offered her nuts, so he swallowed it again. Back in my mouth his penis, and not clean, smelled n as my shit was all, but I swallowed his cock, and in a bit, s killed another large load on me in it. Did not long before us again, s, he moved to a chair and satthen by address to get there. I stood before him, and he said, " get your ass on my knee, I spank that sucker for a good cock. " I bent over the knee, and began to stick with the bare hand. I sore ass and was lost for the second time that day. "My hand has always sore, what you do for me to use on your ass? " Hands Chris him the whip, which I hate with a passion. David told me that about five n tighter, and he was crying, so he stopped. Gary asked what the court believes in the menu all the water. Chris said, that meant playing pee in my body. "How does it work? " He wanted to know. Chris told him not drink all your urine, urinate, or may n me in the tub. He said that the tub would be best, since n to pee like a racehorse. David said he had to pee and could not, so both of them do to me. And of course the answer was yes. So go to the tub was to show my great pain and haver red ass. I had , then the two began to urinate everywhere. Well, at least from head to tail and testicles. I could not believe the amount of urine that these two could offer. After they finished, they said it would be good for me to see pee on myself. So Mike, laughing, said it would be a good idea. He told me to start, pee on myself, and see if I could pee all the way to my face. I could not. So I had to stop, and then put your legs up the wall, and that made it s for me to piss in my face. I felt humiliated by it. happy do not have pictures of her. may be You told me to shower and clean themselves. Gary and David had to go, so the four of them left the bathroom and customers that attracted me. that Mike asked what they owe, and told them that $ 10. 00 would be in order. pay your bill, and told Mike that I like to go back to the subject more, and he said, "any time", simply type in share the money when back of ths shower. Mike and Chris each I have $ 4. 00 and $ 2. 00. I kind of complained, but she said have the best of the offer. I masturbate and have a much needed pee, so I would get the most out of the operation. Of course it was about fifty + and $ 2. 00 was a lot of money. - - - - - - - - - - Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com
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